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Learn more about our 5 vs 5 and our 7 vs 7 Leagues.

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5 vs 5 League

Our developmental co-ed non-competitive league is 5 vs 5. All teams have a maximum of 10 players starting at 1st grade through 12th grade. This league is for beginner players or players still working on their confidence before moving up to the competitive league. In this league your child will learn how to play in an organized, fun, flag football league. The developmental league will have one referee per game, a scoreboard and yard markers to make for a more enjoyable flag football experience. The goal of 5 vs 5 is to help develop skill positions at: QB, WR/TE, RB, LB, CB/S. 


The 5 vs 5 divisions are:

(1) YOUNG STARS (R) Division 1st grade and 2nd grade 

(2) BALL OUT (R) Division 3rd grade and 4th grade 

(3) MID CONFERENCE (R) Division 5th grade and 6th grade

(4) POWER CONFERENCE (R) Division 7th grade and 8th grade 

(5) ELITE CONFERENCE (R) Division 9th grade to 12th grade  


All of our athletes in the 5 vs 5 league get a chance to play no matter their skill level or experience. Practices will be once a week set up by each team mom/dad or coach. Practices will focus on learning how to play flag football and learning football plays correctly.

IMPORTANT NOTE: After registering your child, if your child's team has a first time coach who needs assistance, we will assist your team as much as we can. We have “in house” coaches and trainers. We will also provide easy plays/plans for the coach.

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7 vs 7 League

Our 7 vs 7 competitive league is for the seasoned veteran and the experienced player looking to play against other experienced players for a high skill level game. The rules and game in our 7 vs 7 division is very different from any 7 vs 7 in our area. 


(1) QB can run the ball anytime a defender crosses the line of scrimmage

(2) Pitches and Laterals ARE ALLOWED


For the complete list of all the rules and new game style go to:


The goal of 7 vs 7 is to give our athletes specific skill development in the following positions: QB, RB, WR, TE, LB, CB, S, OL, DL.


Our 7 vs 7 competitive divisions are:

(1) Ball Out Division 3rd grade and 4th grade

(2) Mid Conference 5th grade and 6th grade

(3) Power Conference 7th and 8th grade

(4) Elite Conference 9th grade to 12th grade.


Our 7 vs 7 games will have at least two referees and a scoreboard that makes for a much faster, fun game. The playoff system seating will remain the same-- the lower seed plays the higher seed in the first playoff game.

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Girls 7 vs 7 League

Our Girls 7v7 Competitive league is played under the College NIRSA (National Intramural-Recreational Sports Association) Girls Flag Football rules to give young girls the opportunity to play the same style of flag football as they do in college. The rules in our Girls 7v7 competitive league are more advanced resulting in a faster and more competitive game. These are some of the rules allowed in our Girls 7v7 competitive league;


1- We have PUNTS ONLY* on 4th down if the offense chooses not to go for the first down or touch down (no kickoffs to start the game and none after a team scores).

2- Once a team has scored they can then go for 1pt starting on the 3 yard line.

3- If the scoring team wants to go for 2pts they would start on the 10 yard line.

4- If the scoring team wants to go for 3pts they will start on the 20 yard line.

5- The Defense can have up to 3 pass rushers rush the QB.

6- Each pass rusher must start 5 yards off of the offense's line of scrimmage and can rush the QB when the ball is snapped. 

7- Once the ball is snapped the Center can block BUT!! only SHADOW BLOCKING with her hands behind her back shielding the QB as best she can from the pass rushers.

8- Once a player is beyond the line of scrimmage backward passes/ pitches to teammates are unlimited.


Our mission for our Girls 7v7 competitive league is to help provide an opportunity for girls to play flag football the way it's played at the highest level for Girls flag football. Playing in our Girls 7v7 league every athlete will have an instant advantage in flag football when moving on to the next level. We have partnered with colleges that have Girls flag football as a scholarship program. This is an awesome and wonderful sport to play and Girls flag football is growing and gaining steam fast and OP Flag Football League will be a leading franchise for its growth. We will help with coaches for four teams per division and with the assistance from our partnered College Girls flag football teams and local professional women's tackle football teams our Girls league will gain first hand knowledge of what it takes to make it to the next level. Representation is very important when you're trying to grow anything new and OP Flag Football League will help in the continual growth of women in Football. 

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